Target Shooting

Target shooting is a popular activity in the Tillamook State Forest.  Each year, hundreds of shooting enthusiasts come to try out new guns and improve their skill with favorite firearms.

Coming out to shoot in the Tillamook State Forest means keeping in mind that it is a busy place full of hustle and bustle both on the roads and among the trees.  Every day the forest sees multitudes of people engaged in dozens of activities including logging, road building, camping, OHV and non-motorized trail use. 

Please plan your shooting excursion carefully so that you can select a destination that will not endanger Forestry employees, contractors or other forest visitors or find you shooting into private property.  Use this blog and the Oregon Department of Forestry Recreation Website to help choose your shooting location by taking the time to learn about where roads, trails and recreation facilities are located.

Beaver Dam Rock Pit (aka Browns Camp Shooting Pit) Status (updated 09.01.2017)
Effective 09.01.2017, the Beaver Dam Rock Pit is OPEN  public use.

DISCLAIMER:  Even when open, the Beaver Dam Rock Pit may be closed at any time for industrial rock haul activity.  If there is any kind of equipment in the rock pit, it is closed to all public use.  Additionally, industrial rock operators do have the authority to ask folks to cease all target shooting / public use in order to open the pit for industrial rock haul activity.

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