Personal woodcutting permits are now available.

Permits can be obtained from the Tillamook, Forest Grove and Columbia City ODF district offices Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM except on holidays.

Woodcutting Permit Fees

In order to purchase a permit, the following rules are established:
  • Fee $20 for up to 2 cords of wood
  • Only one permit at a time will be issued per person or household
  • The license plate number of the vehicle transporting firewood is required
  • You can only purchase a permit for yourself
  • Checks are not accepted for permit purchase
  • A limit of 3 permits in the woodcutting season (usually October through June), will be issued per person or household
  • Permits are valid until two cords are gathered, but no longer than three weeks from the day of purchase


Woodcutting Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Woodcutters are advised to be familiar with the basin areas, there is no guarantee wood will be available at any location.
  • Woodcutting is allowed only within areas designated on permit map
  • Live trees, downed old growth and cedar logs CANNOT be cut into firewood
  • Woodcutters are required to follow environmental guidelines established on the permit
  • Permits are issued for personal use only, not for resale
  • Permits will not be extended due to acts of nature
  • Violators will not be allowed to obtain a personal woodcutting permit for a period of one year from the date of violation


Woodcutting Areas

The Tillamook District is selling permits for the following areas:
  • Trask / Tillamook River
  • Wilson River
  • Kilchis / Miami River
  • Nehalem River
The Forest Grove District is selling permits for the following areas:
  • Rogers Basin
  • Wheeler / Salmonberry Basin
  • Wilark Basin (also available at the Columbia City Office)


For More Information:

Tillamook District:
  • Monday - Friday: 503-842-2545
  • After Hours Woodcutting Recording:  503-842-2548
Forest Grove District
  • Monday - Friday:  503-357-2191
  • After Hours Woodcutting Recording:  503-359-7401 ext 606