Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

You wouldn't want that mess in your yard, would you?

Have you ever shown up to your favorite spot in the forest to find piles of garbage, old campfire pits and tiny bits of toilet paper snagged in the brush?  If it can ruin your visit, just think what it does to the environment you've come out to enjoy.

Even a little bit of garbage can hurt the ecosystem, injure or kill wildlife and increase the chances of natural areas being closed to public use.  One person can make a difference in everyone's forest experience. You can help by working with  the Oregon Department of Forestry to keep forests and streams clean by being good stewards of the land practicing Leave No Trace land use principles during your visit.

  • Pack it in. Pack it out. Please deposit trash in the nearest garbage can or dumpster. If the trash garbage can or dumpster is full or one is not available, please take your trash home. Trash left behind in a site, even if bagged, is attractive to animals who will tear open the bags and spread the garbage around the area.

  • Please use restrooms where provided. If no restroom is available bury your waste with soil to a depth of at least 6 inches. Do not deposit human waste within 100 feet of any campsite, trail or body of water.
  • Do not camp within 25 horizontal feet of the high water mark of any river, stream, creek, lake or pond. Enjoy the rivers and streams but remember that in low water seasons, you are playing on the rocks and riverbeds that the fish depend on for habitat. Let's keep the streams clean.

Thank-you for helping to make sure that Oregon's public forests are safe and beautiful places for everyone to enjoy!