Thursday, August 2, 2018

Who are your forest neighbors?

Whether camping, hiking, fishing or dirt-biking, when you are out and about in the Tillamook State Forest, you are part of an ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of critters be they sporting fins, feathers or fur.

When you are in the woods, you can help keep the wildlife healthy by doing a few simple things:

  • Don't feed the wildlife on purpose or on accident.  
    • Lock your food and garbage in secure containers or in your car.
    • Keep your campfire area and campsite clean.
    • Don't leave pet food easily accessible out of doors.
    • Place bird feeders so that only birds can get into them.
  • Keep your pets safe by keeping them on a leash.
  • Remember, animals are attracted to smells so don't leave things like scented candles, lotions or soaps in places you don't want animals to get into.
  • Use a flashlight when you are out at night.
Our friends at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) have put together some great information on how to enjoy your encounters with wildlife while avoiding conflicts.  Before you head out on your next forest adventure, check out their fantastic brochures and tip sheets on Living with Wildlife.