Thursday, May 31, 2018

Jordan Creek Road and Campsite Closure

Due to active logging, Jordan Creek Road from milepost 4 to milepost 5 and Jordan Creek Designated Campsites 9 and 10 are closed. The closures are in effect until logging is completed. Campers looking to access designated campsites 11 through 14 will need to use an alternate route.

Monday, May 21, 2018

TSF Trip Planner: Changes in the Routine

New Public Use Rules and A Fee Increase

When you pack your bags and head out to any of Oregon's State Forests for your next adventure, you'll find a few changes to the information regarding fees and forest rules posted at your favorite forest destination.

Stay Limits

The stay limits on Oregon State Forests have changed.  Visitors can now enjoy camping within the following time allotments:

  • 14 days in a 35 day period
  • A maximum of 42 days in a consecutive 12 month period
This stay limit applies across the forest to the dispersed sites, designated campsites and developed campgrounds.

Fee Increase

Campsite fees have increased to include two vehicles in the base fee:

  • Drive-In Campsite:  $20 per night for up to 2 vehicles
  • Walk-In Tent Site:   $15 per night for up to 2 vehicles
Group campsite, designated camping area and extra vehicle fees remain the same:

  • Group Campsite:   $50 per night
  • Extra Vehicle Fee:  $5 per vehicle per night
  • Designated Camping Area Fee:    $5 per vehicle per night

Fees are Being Charged at More Sites

Camping fees will start being charged on May 25, 2018 at the following designated camping areas:
  • Morrison Eddy  $15 per night for up to 2 vehicles
  • Cedar Creek:   $5 per vehicle per night
  • North Fork:     $5 per vehicle per night

Occupancy Limits

Occupancy Limits for most developed campgrounds will be a maximum of 8 people, 2 tents and 2 vehicles per campsite unless otherwise posted.  Check the information boards and picnic tables in your favorite campground to see what number of people, tents and vehicles is approved for your favorite campsite.

You can check out the rest of the Oregon Department of Forestry Recreation Rules on the Secretary of State's website.